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A considerable amount of FIT’s work is carried out by individual standing committees and task forces (SCTFs). They cover a broad range of subject areas, such as the internal affairs of FIT; the day-to-day work of translators, interpreters, and terminologists; matters relevant to association boards; and global developments in other sectors that are relevant to our profession.

Each SCTF is required to submit a report to about its members, objectives, progress made to date, possible gaps in the overall approach, and next steps. The report is also intended to outline any challenges the SCTF is currently facing, such as realising some objectives are not as feasible as originally thought, or that other objectives would also make sense and should be added. It could also simply be that a member of an SCTF is no longer able to commit to the work of the SCTF to the extent originally planned. We all know that life has a habit of intervening in the best-laid plans!

The main purpose of submitting a report is twofold. Firstly, from the SCTF point of view, it helps to focus on the overall purpose and work of the SCTF and reflect on the value and relevance of the original objectives and, indeed, success and progress.

Secondly, the reports are an important facility that enables FIT Council to see the progress each SCTF is making, identify areas that may overlap with other SCTFs where synergies are feasible and should be recommended, and finally, provide support where an SCTF is facing challenges, whatever the nature of those challenges may be.

The reports are proof of the variety, breadth, and level of work required and being carried out at FIT. Making them available to all current and potential FIT members would go a long way in highlighting (or reminding them of) the value of FIT membership.

Even though the SCTFs in this mandate had only been up and running for a few months by the time the first reports were submitted, it was already evident that SCTF members are an experienced and expert group who are very committed to their task. The work across all SCTFs is well under way. And this, despite working across many time zones around the globe, is something that is not easy to coordinate!

Congratulations to all the current SCTF members! We’re grateful for your work.

Annette Schiller, FIT Council

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