The new ASTRA board

Group of ASTRA board members
From left to right: Placide Muhigana, Thierno Diallo, Virginie Alima Diouf Dieme, Jean Sébastien Aldiouma Sarr, Daouda Gassama, Pape Ndiaga Lo, Ismaila Pedro Faye, Vanessa Barreto Ndong (seated), Afidi Towo, Mame Anta Niang, Carole Ann Small Diop, and Séga Hamady Faye
Photo credit: Ms Maguette Diarra

The Association sénégalaise des traducteurs (ASTRA) has opened a new chapter in its history with the election of a new board at its annual general meeting, which took place on 30 September 2023. The new officers will actively pursue its mission of promoting the profession in Senegal.

As president we now have Daouda Gassama, a founding member previously in charge of external relations and deputy training officer. The accomplished Vanessa Barreto will be supporting him as vice president. Their partnership is set to deliver fresh vitality and momentum within ASTRA.

The essential role of secretary general has been entrusted to Placide Muhigana, formerly in charge of communications, with Virginie Diouf as deputy. They will be working together to ensure the association is managed effectively and efficiently, which is crucial for it to run smoothly and grow.

Financial administration, the cornerstone of any organisation, remains in the hands of Edze Gbedemah as treasurer and Jean Sébastien Sarr as deputy treasurer. Their professionalism and financial expertise are major assets for ASTRA.

External relations, now under the leadership of Ismaila Pedro Faye and his deputy Mame Anta Niang, aim to boost the association’s connections with international partners and promote ASTRA on the world stage. Their experience and commitment to building productive and rewarding partnerships are already paving the way for a bright future for our organisation.

Training continues to be led by Ousmane Traoré Diagne, with Pape Ndiaga Lo as his new deputy. This area will be a major focus, underscoring ASTRA’s commitment to its members’ continuing professional development.

Communications and information, now headed up by Thierno Diallo and his deputy Afidi Towo, will play a key role in promoting ASTRA’s activities, ensuring increased visibility and active interaction with the public and its members.

Finally, the experience and wisdom of Séga H. Faye, as honorary chair, and Carole Ann Small Diop, chair of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee, will form a solid foundation on which the association can continue to build.

With this new board, ASTRA is maintaining its momentum and positioning itself not only as a key player in translation in Africa, but also as a model of innovation and professionalism.

Placide Muhigana, Communications and Information Officer, ASTRA

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